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Winny & Gene. . so you love Rock 'n Roll?  Well, there have been many American and international musical  groups perform in Costa Rica!  In 2015, Mana. . an amazing rock/latino group from Colombia made their way to Costa Rica and brought the house down.  Winny was there and so was Gene!  Before the show, they were both in line buying whatever they were buying and started talking!  Well, that first conversation lit the fire and the rest is history.  They were married in September, 2016.  Winny and Gene live in Santa Ana, just west of San Jose.  They spend their days working for the same global corporation.  They work remotely and are off three days a week.  So they do a lot of getaways and have bought a very nice, very expensive camera to take photos of the landscape and the wildlife here.  They have a huge garden and do a lot of volunteer work as well.  They're both in their mid-50's and are so happy that they are living in one of the happiest countries on the planet!  
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Submitted 6/26/2022
Submitted 6/26/2022
Mateo & Carolina. . a nuclear engineer & a Spanish teacher.  Both young, vibrant and intelligent.  Warm souls who both do a lot of volunteering here in Costa Rica.  Their lives are filled with joy and happiness.  Mateo attributes that to giving back to the community.  They are indeed a match made in heaven.  Carolina has an online Spanish course, created especially for the Gringo and the Gringa.   As you know, Costa Rican Spanish is a bit different.  It has a lot of phrases that don't make any sense whatsoever unless you learn them specifically.  Carolina is a creative instructor.  Mateo works online for a private global company specializing in nuclear energy.  He met Carolina about 5 years ago while scoping out San Jose as a location in which to spend the rest of his life. , or at least the next few years!  There were both buying fruits & veggies at a local farmers market.  Their eyes met over a table full of tomatoes, lettuce & onions!  Now, they're preparing salads together forever!
Submitted 6/26/2022
Viviana y Sebastian. . successful and young!  Wow, if only many of us could turn back the clock.  Sharing these love stories with you keep me young at heart!  That's the NEXT BEST THING!  Viviana is in her mid-20's and went to college in one of the Northwestern states in the USA!  She completed her 4-year program and found a remote-working job with a huge American company!  She is originally from San Jose and wanted to return after college.  She lives in San Pedro with her husband, Sebastian!  Sebastian is from Oregon and graduated the same day Viviana did.  In fact, they went to college together.  They decided to get married and he also found a job that he could perform remotely!  They are both passionate about their work and they love the Pura Vida Lifestyle.  They spend their weekdays working on line and then they're off on a day trip on the weekends.  They both love Mother Nature and EACH OTHER as well!  Another love story here in Costa Rica.  It never ends!  
Submitted 6/27/2022
Rosario & Ricardo. . suffering animals.  What could be worse?  To see any type of animal in a compromising situation is something that Ricardo does not like whatsoever. When there is imminent danger to an animal, there's always something that we can do for them.  Ricardo travels a lot through the Costa Rican countryside.  He sees a lot of dead animals on the side of the road.  Well, he's too late for them. About twice a week. . perhaps three times, Ricardo witnesses a sloth trying to cross the road.  That SMACKS of danger for the sloth so Ricardo always makes it a point to stop and help the little guy / gal across the road!  Rosario has a huge heart, too and saw this particular sloth in danger.  That's how they met.  They moved the sloth to a safer place, got some coffee down the road and five years later, they're married and have a little guy of their own. . Thiago is two years old!  Cupid's arrow hit it's mark all because of a cute little sloth crossing the road!
Submitted 6/27/2022
Nicolas & Martina. . swimming, sunbathing & a few adult beverages!  There is nothing better than staying in a nice hotel on a Costa Rican beach somewhere!  Life is good and good things are presented to good people.  Nicolas was splurging. . he had to get away from 20 years of working hard. . lots of stress everyday and lots of success.  However, his success took its toll!  He was totally burnt out.  He just wanted to relax for two weeks, return to South Florida and then continue on with his plans for a wonderful life AFTER his two decades of total dedication to his job.  On his eighth day at this amazing all-inclusive resort, he met Martina!  And this changed his life.  They met on the beach.  Martina was relaxing, reading a novel and Nicolas mentioned that he just finished reading it a few months ago.  That was in January of this year!  Now, they are both back in the USA. . they're staying in touch and have planned a trip in 2 weeks to the same resort!  This time. . TOGETHER!
Submitted 6/28/2022
Peter & Juliana. . saving the best for last!  That is when something unexpected happens to a person who deserves something good.  A surprise that changes one's life forever.  Peter finally retired from 20 years of law enforcement.  He was a mounted policeman.  As one could imagine, lots of stress, days filled with responsibility and of course, many accomplishments.  But, it was time for Peter to  enjoy a new life in Costa Rica.  He moved away from Dallas in 2014. . he bought a small Tico home in a small town very close to the Central Pacific coastal area.  Many friends visited him the first 2 years.  He missed his horse! He planted a garden & traveled all over Costa Rica.  In 2017, he met Juliana. . she was a realtor in a close-by town.  A friend of Peter's wanted to purchase a home, , Juliana came very well recommended.  They met, fell in love & they married in 2019.  Juliana surprised Peter with a beautiful horse just 2 weeks ago!  His life is now complete!  His life is now FULL CIRCLE!
Submitted 6/29/2022
Nina & Roberto. . when one moves to Costa Rica, they usually totally adapt to their new surroundings.  And Roberto did just that.  He dug into his Spanish lessons, learned the language quickly and made so many new friends.  Roberto spent every morning at the local soda by the bus station in San Isidro.  He made conversation with everyone over a plate of Gallo Pinto and a couple of cups of coffee!  Nina was the waitress there.  She and her mother owned the soda and after about six months, Nina realized that she really missed Roberto when he didn't come in for a week or so.  When Roberto returned to his usual routine, Nina felt relieved that nothing happened to Roberto.  She told him that she missed his stories, his warm smile and his presence at the soda counter!  Roberto asked her out and the rest is history.  That was in January of 2019.  Now, they are married and have one child.  Roberto has loved fatherhood so far and they're living their dream one cup of coffee at a time!