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Victor & Patricia. .  Paying it forward!  Doing what is necessary in life to help everyone around you.  The Giving of Yourself on a daily basis.  It is a mindset.  It makes you feel wonderful and it gives you a reason to get up in the morning.  Victor was down and out and didn't have much to live for in 2008.  If you can remember, that was the year that the real estate bubble BURST in the USA.  Victor owned 5 rental properties and was doing well, with rents coming in. . he was paying off his mortgages and anticipated a good life.  And then, all hell broke loose.  He lost everything.  He walked into a church in Miami two months later and they sponsored him to assist in building a church in the Guanacaste area.  He CAME to Costa Rica. . he SAW Patricia. . and he CONQUERED life's every challenge!  Now, they live together in the San Ramon area and are still helping those way less fortunate.  Victor & Patricia are in love and by the grace of GOD, they will spread sunshine forever.
Submitted 4/16/2022
Submitted 4/17/2022
Vinny & Michelle. .  Semana Santa! One of the most incredible weeks in Costa Rica!  The entire country shuts down for a week or so.  For some, that is hard to get used to.  You actually have to relax!  Vinny was here in San Jose in 2016.  Michelle was as well.  On Good Friday, Vinny was playing soccer with his Tico friend, Juan Carlos.  Michelle was visiting from Omaha. . her first time here.  Vinny kicked the ball and he kicked it so hard that it went into a crowd of people about 30 feet away from the field.  Michelle picked it up and threw it back to Vinny.  Their eyes met and LOCKED ON IMMEDIATELY.  Electricity was created and the rest is history.  Six years later. . this week. . they live in the Sabana Park area. . married. . and are having a wonderful life.  No one knows when love will begin.  Love happens in strange ways and that is why EVERY DAY LIVING should be so exciting for those who are looking for love!  Vinny & Michelle are living happily ever after. . all because of a bad kick!
Submitted 4/17/2022
Shawn & Mariana. .  Sun & fun. . whale watching. . snorkeling. . cliff diving. . white-water rafting. . camping in the jungle at night!  Somewhat extreme for many. . normal experiences for others.  Jumping out of airplanes. . parasailing. . hiking to the summit of Cerro Chirripo. . a step up in the 'excitement' category!  Well, Shawn & Mariana were both built for the extreme.  They met at a Skydiving Center in Quepos. . in the Central Pacific Coastal area. . just a few months ago.  Shawn just graduated from college.  He's on a year-long tour of Costa Rica prior to his getting serious about life!  Mariana is from Costa Rica.  She's in the TOURISM business here.  She's a tour guide.  After only a few months, Shawn says it is getting rather serious.  They're having fun. . exploring and doing things as a couple.  A little too early to tell if this is FOREVER, but Shawn promises to keep us posted!  Life is that much more fun when your YOUNG and IN LOVE!  We sure do wish them the best!  
Submitted 4/18/2022
Dana & Wilson. .  Coffee & Conversation. . That's where the day starts for many people.  Whether in a Costa Rica soda, in a diner somewhere in West Texas. . perhaps an upscale, all-inclusive resort in Guanacaste. . coffee is the starting post from which our lives begin. . each and every day!  Dana was a server at a luxury resort on the Papagayo Peninsula.  She loved her job and put 100% into her service with every guest.  Wilson just sold his home and his business in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He decided to spend a few months in Costa Rica, starting a new life and getting his head straight.  It's been a wild 2 years. . especially in Minneapolis!  Wilson got out in February.  He didn't plan on meeting the LOVE OF HIS LIFE in his first week here. . but, HE DID JUST THAT!  Now, Dana & Wilson are dating and live in the Playa Tamarindo area.   Now, Wilson serves coffee to DANA! And, Dana told us that meeting Wilson has changed her life and both of them are very happy.  Their living life together!
Submitted 4/19/2022
Victoria & Marcus. .  it was a simply perfect day in paradise.  The cruise ship just docked at the Port of Limon, seven years ago this week!  Marcus was on his first vacation since his college graduation four years earlier.  And he needed a getaway like Costa Rica and all of the other ports to clear his head and reboot his spirit & soul.  They had about 2 hours in Limon before they headed for further points south.  And this was a life-changing 2 hours for Marcus.  Victoria was selling locally-made bracelets, earrings & other cool stuff that we all have bought at one time or another to remind us of where we have been!  Well, Marcus not only picked up a bracelet or two, he also laid the groundwork for a lifestime spent with Victoria!  They hit it off in their 30 minutes together and a few months later, Marcus returned to Limon and started a new relationship!  They're still together after seven years!  Cupid's arrow can hit its target when you least expect it!  Pura Vida! A lifetime of love ahead!
Submitted 4/21/2022
Vincent & Molly. .  in Sacramento, California, there is a very active Chamber of Commerce.  Hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of business owners meet throughout the year to exchange ideas, talk about business & enjoy each other's secrets to success.  In 2018, they decided to plan a trip to Costa Rica and spend 7 days in a very intense "BUSINESS-BUILDING RETREAT"!  About 25 people signed up.  In March of 2019, these excited souls made the trip to paradise.  They spent about a week close to the Arenal Volcano in an all-inclusive resort!  That's where Molly and Vincent solidified their friendship.  It turned into ROMANCE.  And after three years, they are still together and making plans to both work remotely and move to the Flamingo area.  They are in love and want to return to where they began this love story! That's what Costa Rica does to many!  We wish them an amazing life together in paradise!  There's something in the air here in one of the happiest countries on the planet!
Submitted 5/1/2022
Lisa & Larry. .  in the mountains of West Virginia, Larry was in his Senior Year in College. . Lisa was a recently-graduated travel agent.  She specialized in the coordination of trips for larger groups, usually more than 25 people going to the same destination.  Larry was on the debate team in college and his group was planning a trip to Costa Rica.  They were going to debate the University of Costa Rica team. . an international battle of words!  Larry was the POINT MAN for the trip and worked with Lisa to GET IT JUST RIGHT!  Well, after the team returned, Larry and Lisa GOT IT JUST RIGHT and started dating.  Now, they are married. . 5 years later, and they visit Costa Rica at least three times a year.  In fact, they are moving to the Jaco Beach area to work remotely in September of this year!  Very excited, both of them. Another merging of minds, bodies and spirits because of COSTA RICA!  We're so happy for them both and wish them a life full of love, adventure and PURA VIDA!
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