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Submitted 5/7/2022
Liam & Leslie. . when two hearts meet and KNOW that it is love at first sight. . this is when the magic happens.  Again, these two souls were NOT looking for love this particular day.  They were on top of the Irazu Volcano.  They were with their friends. . Liam was here on a college tour.  Their intramural soccer team came to Costa Rica to watch the PROS!  Leslie was an expat who lived here with her parents.  At one of the visitor center cashiers, they both reached for the same photo magazine and there was a ZAP of electricity when their hands accidentally touched each other.  Well, that little spark turned into a HUGE bolt of lightning.  Four years later, they are still together and are planning their summer, three-month trip to Costa Rica to scope out a venue for their new lives together.  Both work remotely and life could work out perfectly here for both of them!  BEST OF LUCK and MUCH SUCCESS!
Submitted 5/7/2022
Steve & Nancy. . when winter arrives in Ashtabula, Ohio, there is fear that enters the lives of millions of people in that LAKE EFFECT SNOW EVENT area of Cleveland to Buffalo and further east!  Every year, they dig out for days. . even weeks after that last snowfall.  That is why Costa Rica is a GO-TO destination for many in May and June!  These two kind people met on their flight out of Cleveland on May 7th, 2008.  I BIG SNOW season just ended and they were both ready for the beach.  They met while waiting for their flight to board, hit it off and spent time together on the beaches of the Central Pacific Coastal area!  Now, 14 years later, they live in Manuel Antonio and run a comfy B&B!  Their lives are filled with good coffee, amazing sunsets, lots of friends and they are surrounded by nature!  NO MORE SNOW for Steve and Nancy and the forecast is for SUNNY SKIES FOREVER!  Pura Vida!
Submitted 5/7/2022
Stone & Christina. . what's love got to do with it?  Everything!  Love is what makes the world go 'round!  And now we know that Cupid's arrow can hit its mark anytime, anywhere. . anyhow.  Gallo pinto cookoffs are popular within some Expat groups.  It's similar to the BBQ gatherings in the USA!  Everyone shows off their BEST DISH and of course, beer is on the menu as well!  Stone had a wonderful, time-proven recipe from his neighbor. . 72-year-old MARIA Gonzalez. One Saturday morning in his big back yard in Atenas, he and ten other expats cooked for about 30 people. . Christina was part of the catering company that helped with the layout!  Now, they're cooking gallo pinto every morning from their home in Grecia!  They have a small farm with lots of animals and they enjoy the PURA VIDA lifestyle that they both WOULD NOT TRADE for anything.  BEANS and RICE brought these two together!
Sarah & Roberto. . writing books & sharing stories.  Sarah decided to visit Costa Rica for an extended period of time. After college in June of 2019, she wanted to 'get away from it all' for a year or so and see how life played out.  She was an English Literature major and loved to read, write and contemplate life.  Costa Rica is a great place to do all three.  She was at a writer's convention in San Jose in August of 2019 and met a fellow writer, Roberto.  He is from Costa Rica and actually studied in New Orleans and had a degree in biology.  His English was close to being perfect and he loved talking to Sarah about her future goals!  Now, they READ together. . they WRITE together and they CONTEMPLATE life together!  Married and living a wonderful life here. . can't ask for much more than that! 
Submitted 5/7/2022
Submitted 5/9/2022
Sierra & Moises. . wading off the coast of Playas del Coco with a mask and a snorkel in May, 2017! Nothing more beautiful than early morning. . just finished your cup of coffee and the sun is shining.  Looking for seashells and enjoying an amazing Costa Rica day.  Moises was very happy.  He just moved from Southern Costa Rica to the Guanacaste area and he had a free day.  As he was snorkeling, Sierra and her two friends walked up and asked him if he found any beautiful seashells   They wanted to buy a few to take back to their families.  The girls were from Nebraska. . off on a girls' trip and loving their first time in Costa Rica.  Well, Moises, being the gentleman that he is, gave all three of them three shells each. . FOR FREE!  Sierra loved his kindness. . they stayed in touch and now. . five years later, they are married and live close to Playas del Coco.  Seashells & a smile brought them together. . forever!
Submitted 5/15/2022
Chrissy & Andres. . In San Jose, there's a myriad of museums, theatres, musical performances & drama venues.  Many think that Costa Rica is only filled with poison dart frogs, sloths and toucans. . but there is so much more that is added to the mix.  Chrissy and her four friends were here in 2018 on a college-sponsored trip for the sole purpose of studying the architecture, the culture and to see performances of the symphony and to study acting here.  After enjoying a play at the Teatro Nacional, they mingled with the actors and other guests.  Andres was part of the performance and spoke perfect English.  It seemed to be love at first sight.  After almost 4 years together, Chrissy and Andres are living just east of downtown San Jose and are involved deeply into theatre and fund raising for other cultural activities.  They are acting out a new life together here in one of the happiest countries on the planet!  So happy for them!
Jennifer & Arne. . somewhere in a treehouse in Southern Costa Rica, bordering the jungle.  Howler monkeys and red-eyed tree frogs IN YOUR FACE!  The sounds, smells & MOTHER NATURE 24/7.  That's the way Jennifer and Arne roll!  They met in Belize about 12 years ago.  Arne hosts classes all over Central America for his loyal followers.  He specializes in breathing techniques, eye-opening exercises on self-improvement and becoming one with nature.  Well, a few years ago, in Belize, Jennifer and Arne became ONE with each other and are now married and live a wonderful, peaceful life 25 feet above the jungle floor!  Their neighbors are the creatures of the jungle.  And together, they are now teaching others how to enjoy life in a natural way within a deep jungle venue!  It's exciting because their hearts are huge and they love helping others help themselves.  They have a love for life & for each other. . forever!
Submitted 5/16/2022
Submitted 5/16/2022
Eddie & Amy. . a night sky with millions of stars.  In a period of ten minutes, the group from Alberta saw three shooting stars.  It was their first time in Costa Rica and they all were very happy to survive the winter of 2022 in Canada.  A well-deserved getaway for the locally-sponsored Chamber of Commerce.  Costa Rica, with its warm temperatures and vast open spaces. . Eddie and Amy found that they had a lot in common with each other.  Eddie owns a landscaping company and Amy is a self-employed engineer.  They both needed time away from Alberta, so in April of this year, they hopped on a big bird and spent a week in Southern Costa Rica.  Back in Canada now, Eddie and Amy are staying in touch.  They're dating now and plan on visiting again in July.  Amy thinks that this is real love and so does Eddie!  We'll keep you posted.  Costa Rica is a perfect backdrop for falling in love & Cupid's arrow hit its target again!