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Submitted 5/16/2022
Marcelita & Rob. . as you may know, Costa Rica is home to many global corporations.  These huge companies are expanding here every day.  Close proximity to the USA and just as important, an intelligent, hard-working bilingual work force.  Business is booming and Costa Rica's economy is reaping the rewards!  Rob is a team leader and 'expansion coordinator' for one such global company.  In November of 2021, he was here for his first time.  He was part of a team who's sole purpose is to hire and train over 150 new employees.  One Sunday. . his first day off in two months. . he was out to lunch at a hillside Peruvian restaurant in Escazu.  While there, he met Marcelita.  She was here on vacation from Peru.  Rob told us it was love at first sight. . as is the case more times than not, it seems.  After about 6 months, they are planning on getting married!  Life couldn't be much better for them!
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Mick & Elizabeth. . as time goes by, we all cherish each day.  We all yearn for those moments that are so very special in our lives.  One of those special times happens when finding someone to talk to that makes us feel wonderful. . a positive, upbeat, always-smiling person who can change one's life when they walk into it!  Mick was waiting for the second leg of his flight from Helena, Montana to San Jose, Costa Rica.  He was stuck in Houston for hours. . bored & looking forward to 10 glorious days in paradise!  Enter Elizabeth. . she ordered a cafe latte & was stirring in the sweetener.  Some of the froth splashed onto Mick's hand as he was doing the same.  Splashing froth in June of 2021 is responsible for them spending 10 days together in Costa Rica.  Now, they're engaged and in love! They're still drinking cafe lattes. . together! They're returning to Costa Rica this coming Monday to get married!
Submitted 5/17/2022
Submitted 5/17/2022
Thiago & Gabriela. . Thiago grew up in an Eastern suburb of San Jose.  His parents taught him right.  Being an amazing student and his strong work ethic allowed him to win a scholarship to a college just outside of New Orleans.  He studied engineering and now plans to seek employment in the medical equipment industry!  Gabriela is in her last year of college at the University of Costa Rica, studying a similar major!  Thiago was asked to speak at a seminar at UCR last year, highlighting scholarship availabilities & opportunities for students who will be graduating soon.  Gabriela had a lot of questions after Thiago spoke and the rest is history. Gabriela is in love with everything about Thiago and vice versa!  They want to live in the USA for a few years and then return to Costa Rica to work for a global medical device corporation & work remotely!  Another Costa Rica success story!
Sebastian & Julia. . surveying property is a big business here in Costa Rica.  Julia is from Wyoming.  She grew up on a ranch just outside of Cheyenne. . 23 acres.  Cattle, horses, chickens and a life filled with open spaces, mountains and nature.  Julia just turned 25 and is in the farm insurance business and luckily, she can work remotely from anywhere in the world!  Where else to work from than Orotina, Costa Rica!  She just bought 3 hectares of land and is in the process of remodeling the home that is currently standing.  She needed her property resurveyed to put in a lake, another road and to plant some mango trees!  Sebastian is the best surveyor in the business and eight months after hiring him to do the job, they're surveying each other!  Sebastian and Julia's love is going strong and she said there may be a ceremony very, very soon!  Another one of Cupid's arrow hitting its mark!
Submitted 5/18/2022
Submitted 5/19/2022
Diana & Ricardo. . such a wonderful couple. . both from Boise, Idaho.  They went to high school together and were just friends back then.  They both were heavy into athletics.  In college, they went their separate ways and didn't see each other for almost four years.  In their senior year, Diana. . at Brigham Young and Ricardo at The Ohio State University. . they both played soccer on their intramural teams.  Both teams went to Costa Rica for international tournaments and they wanted to see each other, so they made it a point to hang out in San Jose.  Well. . now. . 4 years later, they are married and work remotely in Escazu, a suburb of San Jose.  They play soccer three or four times a week and are living their dream.  They somehow always knew that they would get together again and it took COSTA RICA to get them to this point in their lives.  A match made in one of the happiest countries on the planet!
Submitted 5/20/2022
Dee & Mitch. . they are both in the coffee business.  Where better a place to fall in love than in Costa Rica!  Dee has been with the Starbucks Corporation for many years.  She is responsible for setting up plantations and working with local farmers here in Costa Rica to grow the BEST coffee available for this international brand.  Mitch has his own coffee business.  He has been roasting coffee for years.  He was in Costa Rica at a coffee convention about four years ago and of course, Dee was one of the speakers there.  She shared with the group of over 100 people from all over the world how easy it is to deal with the Costa Rican government and the farmers here.  During a COFFEE BREAK, Mitch complimented Dee on her presentation.  Well, now, they are married and visit Costa Rica 6 times a year.  And Mitch is still complimenting Dee on everything that she does in life!  They're in love and its so nice!
Submitted 5/23/2022
David & Dixie. . kind souls all over the world seem to find each other, don't they?  Most people that I know who are married. . both are either NICE people or MEAN people!  That's because people tend to love those who are the same as they are!  David and Dixie are two KIND souls!  They love to do good things for others. . and that's how they have led their lives since childhood.  Dixie was a girl scout.  She volunteered through her high school years at hospitals and old-age homes.  She plays guitar and always sang songs for those who were sick!  She went to Costa Rica with her church group to volunteer in a high-poverty area and that's where she met David.  They spent two months doing good things for others and then they decided to do good things for each other.  They were married last October & now live in Puriscal. . west of San Jose.  True love. . helping others. . forever kind. . always happy!  Gotta love it!
Derek & Lucy. . Derek was a cowboy for many years.  He's in his mid sixties now and doesn't want to break any more bones than he has already!  From Wyoming, he's used to huge, open spaces, being close to Mother Nature and starry skies on a crisp, clear night!  Lucy was a city gal, who spent a lot of her vacations in the western states, hiking in national parks and camping in the Rocky Mountains!  Both loved the outdoors and both visited Costa Rica in August of 2021!  They met each other on a coffee plantation tour at Cafe Britt in Heredia.  After their first cup of coffee, they decided to meet for their 2nd cup the next morning.  They did and now, they're enjoying coffee every morning. . together.  They're back in the USA now, planning their marriage and planning their MOVE TO COSTA RICA!  They will be enjoying coffee together for the rest of their lives.  And that's the way it rolls here in Costa Rica!
Submitted 5/23/2022
Sidney & Charity. . Sidney used to work in the circus business.  I knew him in high school.  A great guy with an amazing sense of humor.  Always smiling and cracking jokes.  After college, he hooked up with a regional circus crew.  He ran the games. Later in life, he got into the horse racing business.  He owned 3 horses and travelled around the country.  Well, he's retired now and he came to see me in 2018.  He and I took a lot of day trips around Costa Rica.  His brother, Billy, was there as well.  One morning in Jaco Beach, we were eating gallo pinto and Sidney went up to a tabke to the left of us and introduced himself to a very pretty lady.  I remember seeing Charity laughing, even after only two minutes of talking with Sidney, a total stranger at that moment.  Well, 4 years later, they are married and living in the Quepos area.  Sidney has a boat docked at the local marina and they are so very happy!  
Submitted 5/24/2022