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Wesley & Denise. . so many species of flowers in Costa Rica.  Over 9,000 species of flowering plants and about 1,000 species of ferns.  It's a playground for both flower lovers and botanists alike.  Wesley and Denise first visited Costa Rica in February of 2012.  They both worked for a major university in Florida.  Their department won a grant that allowed six professors and 20 students to spend 4 months in Costa Rica, finding, categorizing and studying many of those 9,000 species!  What a learning experience it was.  Well, after the working vacation was over, Wesley and Denise realized that their strong friendship was ready to be tested further.  After spending so much time together, Wesley decided to present Denise with a bouquet of roses and a note, asking her if she would like to explore their mutual admiration for one another!  The answer was, "yes". . now, they're married.  Cupid's arrow struck its target!
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Submitted 6/7/2022
Submitted 6/9/2022
Wayne & Jeni. . of course, there's a such thing as 'love at first sight'!  We've received at least six or so Costa Rica Love Stories in the past two months showing us that it can happen. . especially here in Costa Rica!  I think being here changes your mental makeup.  It opens you up to everything that is wonderful and positive.  So, when two strangers meet. . and that MAGIC happens, it is simply meant to be!  Wayne was kayaking on Lake Arenal. . alone.  Jeni was with three of her friends.  A girls' week away from the USA.  The four friends saved up for an entire year to fly into Liberia and spend time at an all-inclusive spa/resort close to the Arenal Volcano.  Well, after that fateful morning, Wayne and Jeni are 'all-inclusive' as well!  That was eight years ago.  They are married now, living in Indianapolis and they visit Costa Rica at least twice a year. . always staying at that same resort. . paddling TOGETHER forever!
Submitted 6/9/2022
Barry & Carol. . out of over 5 million people at any one time in Costa Rica, Barry & Carol crossed paths. . at a roadside fruit stand!  WOW!  More magic happening at every non-descript location. .  Who would have thought that almost 20 years ago, a chance meeting, reaching for the same mango. . two hands bumping into each other. . who would have thought that this random action would result in almost 20 years of LOVE, FRIENDSHIP & three kids. . just because of a MANGO!  Hard to believe!  Family vacations are always enjoyable, especially when they are enjoyed in one of the happiest countries on the planet.  Barry, Carol, Mikey, Danny & Annie have been to Costa Rica at least six times.  They always check out a different area of the country when they visit.  But they ALWAYS make their way back to that fruit stand. . and they play out again the 'TWO HANDS REACHING FOR THE MANGO" scenario!
Submitted 6/11/2022
Bingo & Shirley. . out of control!  This is the level of HAPPINESS here in Costa Rica.  After two months and 10 days of collecting Costa Rica Love Stories from strangers, we have decided that Cupid has not even begun to hit his peak!  There's so much love here, waiting to be discovered by two kind souls. . two beating hearts. . two people looking for love.  Bingo's first job was helping his mom at the neighborhood bingo parlor in Topeka, Kansas when he was ten years old. . THUS. . his nickname!  Shirley had just decided to work remotely from the Turrialba region of Costa Rica.  She uprooted her life and became a "TICA". . and she's proud of it!  Bingo was on vacation & was visiting at least a dozen volcanoes in Costa Rica.  There, in Turrialba. . they met at a corner meat market!  They discussed what cut is the best and followed up with a coffee together at the local soda. . now, after 6 years, they're married! Happy times here!
Submitted 6/11/2022
Claudia & Gustavo. . a clear, blue sky. . a jungle canopy. . a sloth hanging on a nearby branch.  A blue morpho butterfly within their reach!  This is the backdrop where two strangers met.  A small creek meandering through the swimming hole and surrounded by friends!  Both parties converged at this location at just about the same time. . Claudia and her friends came from the northern trail and Gustavo and his friends entered from the other pathway.  The sun was shining through the opening of the treetops and their eyes met!  Everyone went swimming and basked in the glory of Mother Nature.  When it was time for lunch, Gustavo shared his flan with her and uttered, "un dulce postre para una mujer muy dulce". . "a sweet dessert for a very sweet woman". . And that was the start of something huge.  And 13 years later, they still visit that same swimming hole and Claudia is presented with a slice of flan!
Submitted 6/15/2022
Charlene & Carlos. . finding the time to 'GET AWAY'. . that's always the problem, isn't it?  We're so busy with our everyday life.  Even if we set aside a day or two. . perhaps a week. . a month? NO WAY!  In this day and age, we're BUSY!  Charlene was just out of college. . just turned 21 and her parents wanted to reward her for four years of "A's" and "B's". . for graduating and for being such a wonderful daughter.  A trip to Costa Rica with the entire family was in order.  On their 7th day there, they stopped at a tourist stand to pick up some brochures about the Arenal Volcano.  Carlos had been working in the tourist industry for a couple of years.  He just graduated from UCR in nearby San Pedro, just two miles east of San Jose.  His English was perfect.  Fast forward 8 years.  Carlos & Charlene are married. . they live in San Pedro.  Charlene is teaching English at UCR & Carlos has his own tour business! WOW!
Submitted 6/16/2022
Alejandra & Camilo. . fishing in Costa Rica is a wonderful way to spend a morning.  For Camilo, who is up in years. . well, it's therapy!  Camilo was born in Costa Rica and won a scholarship to a major university in Texas in the '70's.  He spent his years working as a materials engineer in the aerospace industry.  Long hours. . lots of stress. He made decisions that could collapse an industry if he was wrong.  Now. . finally. . he's retired.  He's back in Esterillos Oeste.  He still owns the same home there where he grew up.  He loves to fish.  He was preparing his boat to go out to catch the day's lunch and he noticed Alejandra on the beach.  She was visiting from Colombia.  And, after about an hour of talking, Camilo invited her to go fishing with him.  Two years later, they are married, live 200 yards from the beach & are very happy. Camilo feels young again & they spend every morning on the boat fishing.
Submitted 6/16/2022
Alexa & Jeremy. . fighting the traffic.  For those ol you who have never been to San Jose & the surrounding area, you might as well be in NYC!  Jeremy was trying to get downtown to pick up some residency paperwork from his attorney.  Alexa was relaxing on a park bench with her first cup of coffee.  Jeremy parked his car and was walking past the Teatro Nacional. He noticed that cup of steaming coffee and smelled it from ten feet away.  Walking by, he mentioned to Alexa that after a challenging morning coming into the area, the coffee looked so enticing!  Alexa smiled. . Jeremy continued on.  On the way back to his parked car, Alexa was still there with ANOTHER CUP of coffee.  Jeremy bought coffee, introduced himself & sat down close by. 40 minutes later, they were enjoying Gallo Pinto together at a nearby soda.  18 months later, they enjoy coffee together every morning. . married happily & loving life.