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Submitted 5/25/2022
Manny & Christine. . a story that tugs on your heartstrings!  Manny is a musician.  He's been entertaining family, friends and the masses for many years.  In fact, he spends a lot of time singing and playing for those who have terminal illnesses.  He lived close to St. Jude's Hospital for many years when he was younger and he used to visit the kids two or three times a week to sing for them.  He made a lot of people smile in his younger days. . and he still does!  He lives in Costa Rica now. . and just turned 66.  While visiting a hospital in San Jose in 2016, he met Christine. She had an operation on her lung and was resting for a few months under strict care.  Manny sang for her on her birthday and now, she's feeling like a milllion dollars and THEY'RE MARRIED!  They live in the Atenas area. . she sings along!  They have nightly concerts for their neighbors.  They're making music now. . together forever!
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Submitted 5/27/2022
Bubba & Millie. . a love for crawfish and fishing brought these two kind souls together about 7 years ago in the Golfito area. Bubba is from Louisiana. . Millie is from the Houston area. They both visited Costa Rica in 2015 to go deep-sea fishing. The charter they both signed up for had a great track record and what a time they had. A total of eight people were on board that day. . from all over the world. It was a match made in heaven when these two started talking. And now, they're married and spend a lot of time in Costa Rica! Soon they will be moving here and they want to buy a boat and start a business of their own. So many love stories coming out of Costa Rica and again, Cupid's arrow hit his mark. We sure wish them the best and hope that they stay in touch with us when they finally move here. Costa Rica seems to be an amazing venue for love to happen! Bubba and Millie will be fishing forever here!
Submitted 5/27/2022
Rob & Annie. . at sunset. . every evening, two glasses of wine are poured.  They take their places on their outdoor balcony, overlooking a lush, green jungle.  The birds are chirping. . the monkeys are howling & the insects are doing whatever they do!  It is a setting out of "Travel & Leisure" magazine!  Rob and Annie met at a gathering about 9 years ago right outside of Dominical.  They were a part of a group here in Costa Rica that brings Expats together for social activities.  Every month, on a Saturday morning, they set out in a caravan and visited a national park, a volcano, a coffee plantation, an indigenous village, a rescue center for toucans and/or sloths. . perhaps a museum or an art gallery.  They eat together, they explore together. . and now, Rob & Annie are together forever.  They got to know each other on a balcony, near the jungle.  They celebrate that moment of 'love at first sight' every night. . forever!
Submitted 6/3/2022
Roberto & Silvia. . when we used to watch, "The Brady Bunch", we imagined what it would be like to have six kids in the family under one roof!  Perhaps the Bradys had to purchase a new dining room table, they had to stock up on toothbrushes and the milkman certainly had to work overtime every couple of days!  Well, enter Roberto & Silvia. . six children between them. . all under 12 years old.  They found true love when each family was visiting the beach at Manuel Antonio National Park.  The kids got along from the first swim!  They can't believe that after 8 years, they're still sane!  But, they are!  And there's a lot of love in that family, at every meal and they have a lot of stories to tell.  Living in Costa Rica is wonderful for one's soul.  Multiply that by six kids and two adults and "wonderful & happy" are working OVERTIME here in one of the happiest countries on the planet. . We wish everyone a PURA VIDA life!
Submitted 6/4/2022
Terra & Bryce. . at any given moment in time, there are over 1,000 students from the USA & Canada who are studying in Costa Rica.  Many universities have affiliations with programs, courses and universities here.  Terra was from the University of Montana and Bryce attended Texas Tech University.  They both studied Tropical Biology and spent 4 months in Costa Rica. . learning all about the flora & fauna, embedded deep in the bowels of Mother Nature.  What a time it was. . and both of them learned a lot!  They also learned that they love each other very much! Eight years after graduating, they are married and live in the Arenal region of Costa Rica.  They both work remotely in their field.  They have a lot of time to hike in the surrounding jungles and cloud forests, climb mountains & volcanoes and take lots of weekend trips to the Guanacaste beaches!  A wonderful life for these two kind souls. .
Submitted 6/4/2022
Toby & Jill. . all aspects of living in Costa Rica have created a powerful desire for both Toby and Jill to work very hard to make their dream come true.  Seven years ago, Toby won a performance contest.  He could choose among three countries his grand prize of ten days in paradise.  One of those destinations was Costa Rica.  After their first trip, they were hooked.  Since then and 5 trips later, they are making plans to move to Costa Rica.  Nothing has come easy for Toby or Jill.  Toby works in the oil business in Texas and Jill owns a little diner very close to San Antonio.  Long hours. . physical labor & lots of responsibility for both of them.  And later this year, they have set themselves up to sell the diner and Toby will retire from his foreman position at the well site.  They will be free to start a new life in paradise.  They're thinking about living in the Southern Pacific Zone. . a great choice in my opinion!
Submitted 6/5/2022
Tater & Sally. . Tater got his name because his dad was a potato farmer in Idaho! And his grandfather AND his great grandfather. . all potato farmers!  And little Tater, well. . he's an attorney!  How'd that happen?  Who knows?  But Sally needed a good attorney after she was hit in the rear by a big BUICK about ten years ago. Tater did a great job and got her a pretty good payday.  Sally still walks with a little limp, but she's getting by!  About 3 years later, Sally asked Tater to go to Costa Rica. . HER TREAT.  Now they had been dating and they seemed to be getting along just fine.  Here's the kicker. . their 5th day in Costa Rica, they were at the crater's edge at the Irazu Volcano, just east of San Jose. . Tater pulled out a ring and in front of 50 other tourists, they got engaged!  How sweet, huh?  Another one of Cupid's arrows hit its mark about 12,000 feet above sea level! So happy for both of them!  Pura Vida. .
Submitted 6/6/2022
Taylor & Elizabeth. . Taylor has been an avid outdoorsman for many years.  His dad and uncle used to take him hiking and camping in the Rocky Mountains starting when he was about ten years old.  He learned how to hunt, track and enjoy what Mother Nature gives us.  And then, he discovered Costa Rica in his mid-60's!  He was in heaven!  Of course, he couldn't hunt, but he used his new Nikon camera.  With that telephoto lens, he gets up close & personal with the toucans, the poison dart frogs and even the elusive big cat species.  He signed up for a week-long session in the Osa Peninsula area.  It was a course on 'wildlife photography'.  Wow, he learned a lot and also met Elizabeth!  She's from New York City and has a gallery there, specializing in wildlife photography!  They fell in love and now are visiting Costa Rica at least 3 times a year. . enjoying life together and taking some amazing photos as well!
Submitted 6/7/2022
Alexandra & Moe. . Moe has always had a positive attitude.  His parents taught him well.  And he always knew that he would do a lot of traveling.  Moe loves the outdoors. . he loves to embed himself in Mother Nature.  In 2014, he and his 2 best friends took a 2-week trip to Costa Rica.  They wanted to 'climb every mountain'!  Well, they did climb six volcanoes!  And Moe's life changed.  Because from a high point, you look at life in a different way. One realizes that you need to find what makes you happy. . and you go for it.  After hiking Poas Volcano, they stopped at Cafe Britt for a coffee plantation tour.  Long story short, so did Alexandra!  She was visiting with her two college friends.  After the tour, everyone sits down and enjoys a cup of coffee brewed with the beans that were grown on the plants less than 50 yards away.  A conversation sharted. . Moe & Alexandra are now married. . still sipping & talking!
Submitted 6/7/2022
Aaron & Billie. . Move over, Belize. . Get out my way, Panama!  What the heck, Nicaragua!  And don't even talk about Minnesota. . a beautiful state, but those winters took its toll on Aaron.  He ran a snow removal business there for many years.  Earned enough income in the 5 months of winter to take many vacations. . EXTENDED vacations. . to many Central American countries.  About 5 years ago, he visited Costa Rica.  Of course, he fell in love with this wonderful DEMOCRATIC nation!  The people. . much friendlier than the other countries. . the culture. . so rich. . a proud people!  He met Billie during his first trip.  She was there for her first time as well.  They hit it off. . LOVE at FIRST SIGHT, as they say!  Now, they live close to San Isidro.  No more snow and many day trips all over the country.  They found each other & are so very happy!  That's what Costa Rica does for you. . makes us HAPPY!