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Devin and Dora. . was it love at first sight? Well, Devin thinks so! He was at the farmers market on a Sunday morning in Santa Ana. He went over to the lettuce table and Dora showed him what she had! By the time Dora was done with him, Devin bought about 5 times more lettuce than he needed. She was a good salesperson and that was the start of true love in paradise!  That's all it took. Devin didn't wake up that morning thinking he would meet a life partner. It was a typical Sunday in the Central Valley!  Three years later, they still show up at the market, selling lettuce, cucumbers & tomatoes! . Now, Devin is working by Dora's side. They love the country life. Devin is originally from Dallas. He's a city boy gone crazy for a country girl.  And now, they are living happily ever after!
Thanks to ALL for sending in your LOVE STORIES!

Submitted 4/5/2022
Willie & Erika. . when just returning from a Poas Volcano tour, Willie missed his bus stop.  Well, about 30 minutes later, he found himself in downtown San Jose!  He had only been in Costa Rica for 4 days and he didn't really know his way around.  He stopped in a diner for a cup of afternoon coffee, started talking to an older gentleman and 5 hours later, and after switching to beer from coffee, he was dancing cheek to cheek with a very pretty Colombian woman that was sitting at the next table on the left.  Long story short, they're still married after15 years.  Love is a powerful emotion and it can certainly be forever!  Willie and Erika live in San Jose and still return to the place where they met for coffee!  And they still dance cheek to cheek every Friday night.  Two kind souls from different cultures livin' life together!
Submitted 4/6/2022
Bernie & Lillian. . both from New York. . Bernie from Manhatten and Lillian from Queens.  They both signed up for a yoga retreat back in 2019, six months before the COVID-19 situation.  In November of 2019, they both flew out of New York to the Guanacaste International Airport.  They had a seat next to each other and both were excited about their trip.  Nothing like flying out to a tropical beach setting and practicing the 7 basic yoga positions for beginners!  They both were in their late 60's, retired, widowed and needed a break from NEW YORK CITY!  After 6 days in Costa Rica, they formed a bond and now are married and living in NYC.  The good news is that they are moving to Tamarindo in 4 months and will be stretching, posing and meditating side by side forevermore!  This is what awaits them both in one of the happiest countries on the planet!  A match made in paradise!
Submitted 4/6/2022
Brian & Heysi. . being an outdoorsy kind of guy, Brian has been visiting Costa Rica for over 10 years.  He has been to many of the national parks.  He loves to ROUGH IT in Corcovado. . he volunteers at Tortuguero, helping with the turtles and he loves the HIGH CLOUD FORESTS at Monteverde!  Brian knows Costa Rica like the back of his hand when it comes to adventure!  Heysi was a tour guide and back in 2017, she GUIDED BRIAN into a lifelong partnership, full of love and companionship. . two beating hearts living for the other.  And after 5 years and 2 months, Heysi is having her first child.  They plan on taking little Juan Carlos (or Maria Suzanna if it's a girl!) to the jungle on his or her 1st birthday and keep the "ADVENTURE" theme running strong!  Another match made in Costa Rica and we certainly wish all three of them a wonderful life in one of the happiest countries on the planet!
Submitted 4/7/2022
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Maria & All Her Neighbors. . being a good neighbor to someone in need!  That is something that we all appreciate and if we were the one in need, we'd love to be around those who love us.  Sara and John, two kind souls from Nebraska, have lived here in Costa Rica for over 4 years now.  They contacted us yesterday to share some good news and a heartwarming story.  They have a neighbor, Maria. . she is over 80 and lost her husband in a car accident over 2 years ago.  She has no family close by, except for HER NEIGHBORS.  Every day, someone steps up and cooks food for her. . they do her laundry. . they make sure she's ok.  Her cherished dog, "Pablo", is taken care of as well.  The neighbors in this small community of warm hearts and caring souls have made Maria's life so much easier. Every Saturday, Maria bakes something SWEET for all who help her during the week!
Submitted 4/7/2022
Mikey & Andreina. . being a huge soccer fan has its benefits!  When Costa Rica qualified for the World Cup in 2014, that year was a strange period of time for Mikey.  Coming from Dallas, he was a COWBOYS fan since he was a child!  His parents had season tickets for as long as he could remember and there was no room for another sport in his life.  But in 2015, he moved to Costa Rica.  He had a friend who scored a few tickets to a game!  They had a wonderful time and IMMEDIATELY, Mikey was a soccer fan!  He went to a few more games and joined a local soccer club in San Jose.  Now, he wanted to learn how to play.  One of the other players had some amazing soccer moves. Her name was Andreina.  Mikey says it was love at first sight (we're hearing that a lot)!  Six years and 2 months later, they're still playing soccer together. Now, little Carlos, their 4 year old, is kicking the ball around, too!
Another match made in heaven!  Costa Rica is a wonderful place to fall in love!
Submitted 4/7/2022
Submitted 4/8/2022
Richie & Sarah. . they certainly weren't lookin' for love!  Both of them in the past year have come off terrible relationships and they were sick of the opposite sex.  They both booked flights to Costa Rica to get away from the old life and jump-start a fresh, new way of doing things!  Richie came from Columbus, Ohio.  His plane left at 10:32 am on a Saturday morning. . one stop and then directly to Guanacaste International Airport in Liberia!  10 days of fun & sun on Flamingo Beach. . just himself and a few beers. . a good novel. . lots of music. . perhaps a day trip or two to Arenal and Santa Rosa National Park.  Well, about 3 hours after takeoff in Columbus, Richie arrived in Houston, the 1st leg of his trip!  Guess who boarded the plane and sat in SEAT 25a? Yes, Sarah did. . and who do you think was in SEAT 25b? You're right again. . it was Richie.  Well, long story short. . they are slowly falling in love and are planning another trip to Costa Rica. . TOGETHER.   Another match made in heaven!
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Wilber & Donna. . there is nothing more exciting than falling in love!  And when it comes up out of nowhere and hits you suddenly, it's magical!  With that said, for every, "love at first sight" story we've heard about, there's probably ten love stories that end up in divorce!  But, when hearing from Donna, it would be safe to say that these two souls will be together forever!  Donna was on vacation here in the Southern Pacific Zone in 2018.  She went on a canopy zip line tour with her 2 college roommates! Wilber was the 'hooker upper' guy.  He greeted the guests, explained how the cable works, buckled them in and sent them on their way, 30 feet up in the jungle canopy. . at 35 miles per hour.  Well, after Donna's trip, Wilber and her hooked up for lunch. . yadda, yadda, yadda. . now they're married, so much in love and with almost four years together, they're in it for the long haul!  A Pura Vida love story for sure!  Donna's enjoying the life here in Costa Rica and enjoys her new soulmate as well!
Submitted 4/8/2022
Submitted 4/9/2022
Camila & Trent. . making music together!  That's what it's all about here in Costa Rica for Camila and Trent!  Trent is from Cleveland, Ohio.  He's played guitar and sang ever since he was 11 years old.  He played for his church choir.  His mom and dad were musicians and he was driven to carry on the family talents!  Right out of college in 2015, he didn't want to start working so quickly after his graduation.  He booked a trip to Costa Rica.  Soon, he found some Facebook groups that steered him towards some opportunities to play in some churches around the Central Valley.  He had been studying Spanish for a few years in college, so he knew enough to be dangerous!  At his first performance, Camila was his piano accompanist and wow, did they play well together. After 1,000 songs and almost 7 years later, they're still performing and making music, having fun and enjoying life.
They're married now and just gave birth to a soon-to-be drummer!  Little Juan will join in soon!
Submitted 4/10/2022
Catherine & Bromley. . from feeding the birds to deep, meaningful, long-lasting love!  Now, THAT'S what I'm talking about.  People meet in so many NORMAL ways.  Dating sites, bars, at picnics, at college!  I would venture to say that 200 pigeons have not brought two souls together too many times in my lifetime!  For Catherine & Bromley, their lives changed among hungry birds in a central park in Grecia.  Sitting there, both of them, in the shadows of that big red, metal church that is so iconic.  Bromley just came from the bus station with a belly full of gallo pinto.  Catherine was visiting friends from Seattle and decided to feed the birds.  They started talking and the rest is history!  Now. . 4 years later, they are lving just outside of Grecia and they still visit that beautiful park every Saturday morning to feed the birds.  And their love is stronger than ever.  Costa Rica is magical. .