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Skip from South Florida:  All it took for me was my first visit here in November of 2002.  After that, I was hooked on the PURA VIDA Lifestyle.  I share time between South Florida and Costa Rica.  This country will be a part of me forever. . wonderful people, so much biodiversity. . and the COFFEE is the best in the world!
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Send your first name, where you're from, photo and 
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Maria from Tucson:  Truly a blessing!  I found Costa Rica in 2015 and am ready to make the PERMANENT MOVE here. . finally!  I love Tucson, but now there's too many people.  I am ready for the PURA VIDA LIFESTYLE and it's right around the corner for me!
Juan & Melena from Barcelona:  We're originally from the San Jose area and moved to Barcelona in 2013.  After 8 years, we're finally moving back to the Orotina area, just west of San Jose, to work in the IT Department of a major global company.  We're VERY EXCITED about returning!
Anita & Luke from Seattle:  A group of us from work took a trip together to Arenal about 8 years ago.  I fell in love with this country.  We work remotely for the SAME COMPANY now and live in the La Fortuna area.  Arenal is FRONT & CENTER in our lives each and every day!  Pura Vida!
Keith & Dana from Iowa:  We both played soccer in college and met while our teams were visiting Costa Rica for tournaments!  Love at first sight and we've been together ever since.  We live in San Jose and play soccer at least three times a week.  Our son, who is 8, started playing in a league!  He's showing promise already!  We love the PURA VIDA LIFESTYLE and are so thankful that we're here.
Shannon from Lubbock:  I have always been an outdoors kind of person.  My dad and I used to take hikes in the flatlands around our town in Western Texas and also we used to camp in New Mexico, high in the mountains.  I live close to San Isidro and my girlfriend and I go to the highest peak in Costa Rica about 4 times a year.  It is a strenuous trek.  We spend a week, hiking and camping along the way.  I still go back to the USA, but now, call my home, "Costa Rica".  So glad I found this place.
Kyle & Coco from Winston-Salem:  We both served our country. . me in the U.S. Coast Guard & my wife in Education!  We paid our dues and after many amazing vacations to Costa Rica, we decided to call COSTA RICA our "HOME"!  Now, we have downsized CONSIDERABLY. . our home here in paradise is small with a HUGE wrap-around porch.  We spend all our time OUTSIDE!  We are enjoying our "PURA VIDA LIFESTYLE" and love to wake up in the morning just to see what lies ahead for us!  
Jennifer from Anchorage:  Always been a fan of the outdoors.  Coming from a state that has more moose than people, we are forced to LOVE Mother Nature!  I feel right at home in Costa Rica.  I live far away from San Jose and only visit when I need to.  My Spanish is getting good and I am making a lot of friends!  LOVE the PURA VIDA Lifestyle.  I am proud to become one of the first Costa Rica Pura Vida BRAND AMBASSADORS!
Johnny from Little Rock:  A wonderful life has always been my main goal for myself and my family.  And by "wonderful life", I am talking about a life filled with adventure, beautiful sunrises and sunsets. . hiking, observing wildlife. . getting close to nature!  I am so excited to be here in Southern Costa Rica.  I now live by the Osa Peninsula. . just rented a very nice jungle villa.  My back yard has butterflies, tapirs, jaguars, toucans and monkeys galore!  I'm in heaven and looking forward to every morning!  Gotta go. . coffee's ready!  Pura Vida!
Dawn & Christina from Oklahoma City:  Sisters who do everything together!  They went to the same college.  They graduated from the College of Political Science.  They spent a few years in local politics and now, they run a very successful consulting firm from the beaches of COSTA RICA!  Thank GOD for the internet!  This seems to be a common thread among those who are still of working age. . moving to paradise and then working online!  What a life change for which it allows.  They both are in their mid-20's and are enjoying meeting new friends here in Costa Rica, learning Spanish and taking surfing and cooking lessons in the Playa Hermosa area.  What a life!  They were landlocked all their early lives and NOW, they LOVE THEIR BEACH LIVES!