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*Our stories must energize & stimulate your need to learn more about  

   The Pura Vida Lifestyle Here in Costa Rica
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Dreaming is like painting the canvas of our future with the vibrant hues of our imagination. It's a magical realm where possibilities are limitless, and a positive attitude serves as the brush that adds the perfect strokes to our aspirations. When we approach our dreams with optimism, we create a powerful force that propels us forward, overcoming obstacles with resilience and turning challenges into stepping stones. 

Positivity fuels perseverance, transforming setbacks into valuable lessons and setbacks into opportunities. Embracing a positive mindset in the realm of dreams not only brightens the path but also attracts the energy needed to manifest those dreams into reality. 

So, dream big, paint with the colors of optimism, and watch as your life becomes a masterpiece of joy & fulfillment. This is the essence of Pura Vida.. .
Could you see yourself here, 
sipping on a cup of coffee 
or perhaps with a glass of wine in hand?
We are a Full-service Real Estate Agency 
& Residency Experts 

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If you're searching for
your own little slice of paradise, 
we can assist in your journey 
in many ways. .

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Special Services / General Information

Having a positive attitude is 
an integral part of the 
Pura Vida Lifestyle!

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Pura Vida Lifestyle!
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Our "Pura Vida Dreaming" Series:

"Optimistic Oasis: A Daily Podcast Series Sharing Positive Vibes & 
How All of This Integrates with the Pura Vida Lifestyle
Here in Costa Rica"
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daily positive messages. .

You DON'T have to be in Costa Rica to enjoy the Pura Vida Mindset!
An integral part of the
Pura Vida Lifestyle
is maintaining a

We Add New Episodes 

Over 300 episodes to date!

Why is the Pura Vida Lifestyle is So Good for You?
How does one begin to incorporate the 
Benefits & Features of the Pura Vida Lifestyle into their life?
We'll be addressing this 
for you 
in the coming weeks! 

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*Enjoy every moment of your life. .

  *Don't allow your drive to reach your destination
     overshadow your journey that gets you there. .

      *Don't worry so much. .

        *Say, "YES" much more often. .
*Spend more of your time helping others and
   paying it forward. .

  *Step out of your comfort zone more often than not. .

      *Become ONE with nature. .

        *Realize all that you have & be forever grateful. .
Enjoying the Good Life in Costa Rica. .

So many stories to share with all who care to enjoy. .
Here's a few to get you started!
If you have a story, share it with us. .
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*How do I open a bank account?
*Can we bring out pet with us?

*How do we acquire our legal status?
*Is it worth becoming a Digital Nomad?

*What about health care & finding a       doctor here?

*Where can I fill my prescriptions?
*How do we ship our household goods,   vehicles, etc?

Contact Kevin McNamee 
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for way over 20 years!

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Step into the gentle embrace of twilight with "Echoes of Dusk," a captivating collection where poetry and the sublime artistry of sunsets converge to whisper the unsung melodies of the heart. 
Crafted with care and deep affection by Roy Hudlin, whose quill dances to the rhythm of the setting sun, this anthology is a tender ode to the fleeting moments that, like dusk, linger on the horizon of our consciousness, painting the sky with the hues of reflection, solace, and quiet anticipation.

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Kevin McNamee
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We Make the Connection of 
Real Estate & Residency Easy!
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    Here in Costa Rica. .

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Our Real Estate Division has been in business since 2001 and we offer over 2,000 homes, condos, home sites and so much more!
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Here's More Areas of Costa Rica to Explore

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Arenal Area                       Caribbean Coast
Turrialba                            Buenas Aires
San Isidro                          Palmar Norte
San Vito                             Ojochal
Golfito                                Liberia
Quepos                             Tortuguero
San Diego                         San Pedro
Ciudad Colon                    Puerto Jimenez
Nuevo Arenal                    Boca Tapada
Limon                                Guapiles
Siquirres                            San Vicente
Alejuela                             Palmar Sur       

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          Costa Rica Por Siempre

Every day, we post 25 to 100 articles & images!
We share uplifting stories, poems & adventures about
Costa Rica & the Pura Vida Lifestyle!


Every morning, we share with you the benefits and features of the Pura Vida Lifestyle! Experiencing close calls in nature can be both exhilarating and humbling, highlighting the raw power and beauty of our natural world. Whether it's narrowly avoiding a sudden storm while hiking, encountering wildlife up close, or navigating challenging terrain, these moments deepen our awareness and appreciation for the environment. They often leave us with vivid memories and a renewed respect for nature's unpredictability. Such experiences can also strengthen our resolve to be better prepared and more cautious in future adventures, ensuring we continue to enjoy the wonders of the outdoors safely. One of our clients, Jamie D., had a life-changing moment in Costa Rica in 2022. Celebrating his 2-year anniversary in the land of Pura Vida, he decided to hike in Corcovado National Park, just three miles from his home. His guide, Carlos, spotted a jaguar hiding behind some bushes nearby. This "come-to-Jesus" moment made Jamie realize his vulnerability, profoundly changing his outlook. Now, he enjoys life to its fullest! His senses are now heightened. His zest for life is at its peak. His coffee tastes better in the morning!

with Skip!