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The Story Behind "Kevin's Corner". . .

Kevin and his wife moved to Costa Rica from the Vancouver, British Columbia area over 30 years ago.  After a short vacation here, they immediately fell in love with the weather, the culture & the people.

Kevin is a storyteller at heart! He has been kind enough to share his observations about Costa Rica with us!  A daily treat for all, indeed!
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What does "Pura Vida" mean?

The term, “Pura Vida” has been present in Costa Rica’s vocabulary for over 50 years. 
It’s English translation means, “pure life” or “simple life".  
However, it's more then just a phrase. . it's a way of life.

Kevin's Corner / Updated Daily!
Tuesday, May 18th, 2021
When You Crave a Cup of Coffee,
Be Sure to Try One of the GO-TO Favorites, 
Café Rey!

NOW. . 

Kevin is available to answer all of your questions & address all of your concerns about every aspect of Costa Rica!
(there is no charge for this service)

Sitting here. . thinking about some of the go-to foods here in Costa Rica.
As you all know, this country has a rich and bountiful agricultural history.  Bananas, sugar cane, pineapples & coffee come to mind. . 
A great GO-TO coffee is sold under the label of:  Café Rey
You can find this in just about every grocery or mom-and-pop pulperia in every part of Costa Rica!  

The fine folks at Cafe Rey has been sharing their coffee with all Costa Ricans for over 65 years. Café Rey has become an authentic Costa Rican tradition and has evolved into what is now a large, specialized coffee family that satisfies the most demanding tastes.

Café Rey is made up of two partners, Miguel Sánchez Picado and José Mora Obando. Currently the president is its founder Miguel Sánchez Picado.

The experience, the work and a great passion for their coffee has allowed them, year after year, to generate the most exquisite and exciting combinations of the best coffee beans in Costa Rica.

Their Mission as Stated: "We unite the world by making dreams, thoughts and words come together in a gathering and, at the same time, we deliver the most exquisite flavor and aroma in the 100% Costa Rican coffee cup.

We listen to our collaborators, we understand our clients, we love our consumers and we protect the Earth, the most important resource that exists, to bring you an enjoyable cup of coffee every day."

Next time you're out, pick up a bag of CAFE REY coffee!

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