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Costa Rica is considered one of the most biodiverse countries in the world due to a combination of factors, including its location at the crossroads of two major continents (North and South America), its varied topography (including coastal plains, mountains, and cloud forests) and its wide range of climates. These conditions have led to the development of a rich variety of habitats & ecosystems, which in turn have supported a diverse array of plant & animal species, many of which are found nowhere else on earth. Additionally, Costa Rica has a long history of conservation efforts, including the establishment of national parks & protected areas, which creates biodiversity.

Costa Rica is known for its diverse geography and varied climates. This diversity is due in part to its microclimates, which are smaller, localized climate zones within a larger region. The following are some of the main microclimates found in Costa Rica:
*Coastal Plains: The low-lying coastal areas of the country have a tropical climate with high humidity and temperatures that rarely fall below 75°F.
*Mountain Climates: The high elevation of the central mountain range creates a cooler, misty climate that is ideal for growing coffee and other crops.
*Rainforest Climates: The rainforests of the Caribbean and Pacific slopes receive high amounts of rainfall, creating a humid and warm climate that is ideal for tropical plants and animals.
*Dry Forest Climates: The Guanacaste region in the northwest of the country experiences a dry climate with hot temperatures and little rainfall, making it ideal for cattle ranching and other dry-climate agriculture.
*Cloud Forest Climates: The cloud forests of the Central Valley and Monteverde have a cool and moist climate that is ideal for growing ferns, orchids, and other cloud forest plants.
Overall, Costa Rica's microclimates provide a rich diversity of habitats and opportunities for agriculture, wildlife, and human settlements.

5 Mistakes New Expats Make in Costa Rica. .
Last year, Costa Rica produced just over 85 million kilograms of coffee. Coffee has been grown in the country since the 18th century. Despite fluctuation in the amount of coffee it exports over recent years, it continues to be an important part of the Costa Rican economy.

However, outside of production, Costa Rica also has a rich and unique culture of coffee consumption. Brewing coffee using a chorreador is one such example.

This brewing method is similar to rudimentary or historic filter coffee brewers, but it is not well-known beyond Costa Rica. Want to prepare your morning coffee this way?
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