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What does "Pura Vida" mean?

The term, “Pura Vida” has been present in Costa Rica’s vocabulary for over 50 years. 

It’s English translation means, 
“pure life” or “simple life".  

However, it's more then just a phrase. . it's a way of life.

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Thursday, August 18th. .

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*They must guide you deep into your 'daydreaming' phase!
*Our stories must energize & stimulate your need to learn more about  

               The Pura Vida Lifestyle Here in Costa Rica
Digital Nomad 

Costa Rica!

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in Learning More?

Tuning the World Out Totally!  That was never an option when I lived in Ohio and in South Florida.  With the local newscasts, the national news and always streaming live on the internet, we were forced to be a part of the grease, the grit, the slime and the BAD NEWS of everyday life.  It never stops, does it?  24/7. . "Breaking News", they say.  With a loud symphony of sounds coming out of the TV screen, they go straight to the location or to the News Anchor's desk.  Think about it. . have you ever seen a "BREAKING NEWS" moment where they cut into the day's programming to tell you that a sloth has just been rescued by a kind-hearted passerby, stopping their car to help the furry, smiling, cuter-than-all-getout mammal cross the highway?  Do they ever shout out, "Breaking News" when you finally reach the summit of the Irazu volcano and are able to turn your head to the east and then turn it to the west and see both oceans at the same time?  And I know FOR CERTAIN that there was no "Breaking News" when you were hiking in the Monteverde Cloud Forest and you spotted a beautiful Resplendent Quetzal 7 yards ahead of you, sitting on a branch, calling out in all its glory!  This is what "Breaking News" is all about in my eyes. . highlighting the wonder & awe of what Mother Earth has created and provides for us at any moment in time.  This is what many people surround themselves with when they move to or visit Costa Rica.  Because when you finally PULL the PLUG. . when you make that decision that you're not going to take in all of that unnecessary clutter. . that junk which stains your soul & rips your heart open, then you will have found TRUE HAPPINESS and you will realize how very powerful it is to live under the guidance & protocol of Pura Vida!

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