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We receive many phone calls and emails every week from distressed, desperate & confused people who just left Costa Rica and returned home to their boring, mundane & monotonous lives. Back they go to the rat race. . nothing to look forward to. . only daydreaming of their next trip to one of the happiest countries on the planet.  We find that usually around the 10-to-15-day mark, many individuals find themselves feeling 'different'.  They experience constant cold sweats and jitters.  They feel as though they have lost a loved one. . they are disoriented and have bouts of rage, annoyance, anger & fear.  They are anxious. .

If this condition persists for a period of time longer than 3 days, 
then there may be only one solution. .
  1.)  Admit that you love Costa Rica and there is no other place you would rather be. .

  2.)  Realize that you are not able to stay away longer than a 3-month period of time. .

  3.)  Share with family & friends. . even your neighbors, that this is how you feel. .

  4.)  Know that this passion will never change in your lifetime. .

  5.)  Recite the meaning of "PURA VIDA LIFESTYLE" to yourself at least once a day. .

  6.)  Remember constantly all the good times that you experienced while visiting. .

  7.)  Organize your life in a way that will facilitate a smooth transition to returning. .

  8.)  Launch the DuoLingo app and begin to learn Spanish on a fixed, daily schedule. .

  9.)  Prepare yourself for a sudden life change if you speed up your plans to move here. .

10.)  Design an uncomplicated life outline in preparation for spending more time here. .

11.)  Select a possible location in which to live in case your next visit puts you over the top. .

12.)  Tolerate, Endure & Accept this difficult time of stepping out of your comfort zone. .
In Summary. .
We understand that this may be a difficult time for you.  Your mind is being pulled and twisted in unreasonable and abnormal fashion.  There's a new love in your life and "Costa Rica" is her name!  You're being forced to step out of your comfort zone. . and that is never fun at first.  Soon, it will be the norm for you. You'll get used to the newness of it all and soon you will become one with the change.

Take solice in the fact that many of us have gone down this pathway.  For most, there is no turning back.  We have surrendered ourselves to what is and what will be.  For a while, you'll wonder what is going on. . you'll think that this may not be reality as you know it. .

Realize that learning to live one day at a time. . following the PURA VIDA LIFESTYLE code. . everything will fall into place.  Living for today and setting aside what is not important clears the way for a wonderful life spent in one of the happiest countries on the planet. . Costa Rica.

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