Costa Rica for Kids
 Sharing all that Costa Rica has to offer for children!
*Stories, poems & adventures about 
     living in & visiting Costa Rica. . JUST for Kids!

*Learn about sloths, toucans & butterflies, spiders,
     snakes & poison dart frogs!

*Explore the volcanoes & high mountain peaks,
     pristine beaches & mangrove swamps. .

*Send in YOUR stories, poems & adventures
    so we can share them with others. .
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*We'll get you VERY EXCITED about
    One of the Happiest Countries on the Planet!

Hi kids. . I'm Sammy the sloth! This is my neighborhood here in the Costa Rica rainforest. I've lived here for a few years now and I welcome you to MY world! In the coming weeks, I will tell you all about Costa Rica and the reasons why you should visit with Mom and Dad! 
If you're living here already, that's even better!
Check back soon for some fun times ahead. .