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about Costa Rica

Kevin McNamee!  
Kevin has spent many years 
in the business of 
assisting individuals & families with their relocation to Costa Rica. 

NOW. . Kevin is available to answer all of your questions & address all of your concerns about every aspect of Costa Rica!
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So Many Things to Think About Before Moving to / Visiting / Investing in 
Costa Rica!
*How do I set up a bank account?

*Can I bring my car. . pets. . guns?

*How about my health care, prescriptions, etc?

*How do I forward my mail?

*Am I able to purchase property?

*What about my income taxes? 
Do I have to report?

*How do I transfer money down to Costa Rica?

*Do I have to learn how to speak Spanish?

*Can I use dollars to 
purchase things in Costa Rica?

*Should I buy a cell phone or can I use mine?

How expensive is it to acquire Legal Status?

Can I purchase a home in Costa Rica?

What is the weather like in Costa Rica?

Consult with Kevin  
Having the Wrong Information is Dangerous.  It could cost you thousands of dollars and wasted time & effort 
with terrible consequences. .

Would you agree that it's not prudent to rely on social media groups or 
chat rooms for information that could definitely ruin your day big time?
Schedule a phone call with a friendly voice who stays current with all of the new rules, the new laws & 
the ever-changing landscape of Costa Rica.

Bring your Questions & Make a New Friend!
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